Ellen and Eclipse
Beach Walk
Communication. Expression. Emotion. These are the elements that guide my work. My goal is to faithfully represent every subject, whether a person, a dog or any other creature, in a way that speaks to all who see the photograph. To portray the inner character, the essence of a subject, as well as the outer appearance; to capture a moment in time; to reveal character; to share the uniqueness of the individual. This is what I strive for.

Passion. Acceptance. Devotion. These are the things that guide my personal world. From my childhood in Chicago to my current life on a small farm north of Seattle, animals have been my constant companions, the center of my life, my guiding passion. I currently share my home with 2 dogs, 7 cats, 2 horses, 1 pony, 7 goats and 3 sheep, as well as an ever-revolving number of foster cats, dogs and horses. These animals have taught me a great deal about myself and have led me to the life I always dreamed of. I truly understand the power that these creatures bring into our lives, and I honor and respect them unconditionally.

The opportunity to combine my passions for animals and for photography is the ultimate privilege. I treasure the chance to work with others whose animal companions are beloved family members and to get to know those animals as well. To create a powerful image that truly portrays your beloved companion is the ultimate realization of my personal expression.

I earned my Master’s Degree in Photography at the University of Washington in 1998.  I hold three Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Texas at Austin, in Studio Art, Art History and Theatrical Design.  I am a tenured faculty member in the Photography Department at Everett Community College, where I have been teaching since 1999.  Both my personal and commissioned work has been shown in galleries around the States and in several other countries, and has been published in a variety of places, from arts journals to album covers.

Photo Crdit: Kerry Pfaltzgraff
Ellen and Eclipse
Photo Credit: Tom Lewis
All Images: Copyright Ellen Felsenthal 2005