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Ellen and her girls, Harmony and Eclipse.

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Artist Statement

“In a world older and more complete than ours, they move finished and complete…”
Henry Beston, nature writer

When I am close to horses I am grounded, deeply connected to nature. They are a filter through which I experience the world.  Horses are no longer simply something in the landscape, they are my landscape.  I am drawn to their form; the curves, the undulating lines, the myriad colors and patterns of their coats.  It is through this lens that I view the world.

I have developed this body of work over the course of two decades.  Animals have always provided me with a sense of purpose and belonging; with them I am complete.  Moving within a herd, observing their interactions, contemplating their relationships, recognizing their sense of belonging, I feel at home.  As more people remember the profound relationships between all living beings, our connection to the natural world is restored.


Ellen lives on a small farm in Arlington, WA, surrounded by her animal family. She has been a tenured member of the faculty in the Photography Department at Everett Community College for 18 years.  She is also the founder and director of New Moon. Farm Sanctuary, a non-profit animal rescue.

University of Washington, Seattle  MFA: Photography, 1998
University of Texas, Austin:  BA: Studio Arts, 1992, BA: Art History, 1992, BFA: Theatrical Design, 1990